The last Airbender universe character that deserves its own show

The image image The universe is likely one of the most beloved fantasy worlds in trendy media. A four-nation epic unfold over 200 years, it is infused with refined characters and overflows with improbable story potentialities. Followers, after all, know Aang (Zack Tyler Eisen) and Korra’s (Janet Varney) tales, however there are numerous characters whose tales are simply starting.

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Netflix is not simply growing a reside reboot of final air sequence however Paramount + It not too long ago introduced a number of spin-offs for characters from each exhibits. However, after all, some want it greater than others: characters whose origins must be instructed or fan favorites who want extra time within the highlight.

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Hearth Lord Ozai (Mark Hamill) looms over your complete sequence. He was all the time within the shadows till the start of the third e-book. Whereas not bodily imposed, it was a terrifying presence that struck concern into the hearts of the viewers. He was a power-hungry tyrant: he apparently killed his father to additional his ambition.

However this view of him is considerably restrained. What precisely led him to change into the monster he was? Was he a pleasant man as soon as? How a lot affect did his father have on the person he grew up with? It will be nice to see an in depth introduction to those concepts.

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Everybody’s favourite tea-loving uncle, Iroh (makoe-book 1 and a couple of; Greg Baldwine-book three and past), maybe probably the most snug parental character on the present, sticking to Zuko (Dante Pasco) all through his emotional journey – even when Zuko handled him like grime. However outdoors of his relationship together with his nephew, Iroh has a wealthy previous that the general public has not been in a position to see aside from the minuscule particulars about his try to besiege Ba Sing Si and the loss of life of his son Lou Ten.

He was a revered and highly effective common within the Fiery Nation’s Military however he was additionally very humble and sort to these outdoors his nation. His clip within the episode “Tales of Ba Sing Se” was lovely, and it will likely be attention-grabbing to see extra of Iroh as he’s about life and serving to folks.

Kiyoshi’s Avatar

Whereas Aang, Korra and to some extent Roku (Ron PerlmanThey’re the avatars whose tales function prominently, Avatar Kyoshi.Jennifer Hill) is the most well-liked amongst followers. Though her story was not centered on her, her influence on the world is felt all through.

Her hand within the loss of life of Qin the Conqueror, her founding of Kiyoshi warriors, and her powerful, powerful demeanor, all contributed to the formation of a novel and highly effective warrior, even amongst her fellow avatars. It is not too long ago been the main target of her spin-off e-book, The Rise of Kyoshi, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that followers need to see Kyoshi’s journey come to life on display.

king bumi

An in depth pal of Aang earlier than he freezes, Bumi (Andre Soliuzzo) grew as much as be the king of Omashu and a chief man within the land. Whereas in over 100 years of his life he has gone a bit extra loopy, nonetheless fearsome, sleek and above all different issues clever. His unconventional and sometimes ridiculous strategies are sometimes questionable at first look. Nevertheless it makes an astonishing quantity of sense as soon as he explains his standpoint on the issue.

He all the time had an exquisite view of the world, continuously opening his thoughts to all potentialities. However how can a person like this change into the king of a whole metropolis? Bumi’s story would have a fantastic reply.


It is simply the best land on the earth and will not let anybody neglect it. Toph Beifong, simply 12 years outdated, turned an Earthbending champion and invented the artwork of Metalbending, going as far as to arrange an academy to show others to grasp this talent.

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throughout The legend of Korra, it’s revealed that she based the Police Division in Republic Metropolis and had a considerably turbulent relationship together with her daughters earlier than chilling as Yoda in a swamp in her golden years. Blind banditry is greater than worthy of its solo journey; Both approach, the bottom will shake from pleasure.


There isn’t a character in final air The sequence has gone by way of a way more essential private journey than this man. Zuko began out as an exiled prince, traveled the world together with his uncle all the time at his facet, turned a member of Crew Aang, then was topped a Hearth Lord as a hero.

Though his reign was not with out battle, Zuko proved to be higher than his predecessors, turning into a peace ambassador in The legend of Korra. Possibly it is as a result of followers can not seem to get sufficient of him, however Zuko’s reign as a fireplace chief nonetheless has many tales to inform.


Whereas the fireplace lord Ozai was the villain in final airNo different villain within the sequence had such a huge psyche and a malevolent persona than Princess Azola (Grey Delilah). Stuffed with herself, she knew she was the favourite between her dad’s two youngsters and loved throwing her again in Zuko’s face. However even her father threw her beneath the bus to beat her; She had gone mad, which ensured her defeat.

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Though she has but to expertise a correct redemption, and a few will argue she would not fairly deserve it, latest comics have hinted at a special future for Azula. With no extra energy to carry or comply with, what sort of journey may she take?


A villain was born with an intense hatred for Hearth Nation after they killed his household, Jet (Crawford Wilson) will change into the chief of a bunch of rebels who fought the Firebender troopers. However whereas Jet was an excellent, charismatic younger chief, he had a a lot darker facet. He was keen to let harmless folks die if it meant revenge. However Jet ultimately manages to redeem himself earlier than dying (presumably) combating the top of Ba Sing Se’s secret police, Lengthy Feng (Clancy Brown).

Jet and his freedom fighters have well-defined personalities and backgrounds. So possibly it is an origin story or a spin-off exhibiting Jet’s potential to stay a beautiful prospect.


what is going to The Mandalorian It appears to be like as if it has been positioned in image image Universe? This character might be the important thing. John (Hill) is a bounty hunter together with her Shershaw Nyla (a large predatory creature resembling a mole), which may sniff out its prey from miles away. Whereas she was initially an enemy of Aang and the gang, she ultimately proved helpful to “Sozin’s Comet” when it got here to discovering Iroh.

She was a fantastic character with a superb talent set at her disposal, however she did not get a lot time to develop. Regardless of this, its potential remains to be there; She simply must unleash it.

cabbage vendor

He might need solely appeared in just a few tiny appearances the entire time final airhowever the cabbage service provider (James C) has confirmed to be probably the most beloved gag-running. All this poor cultist desires is to promote cabbage, and the Avatar crew continues to seek for methods to destroy his prized produce.

Why does he like cabbage a lot? Is he in a position to survive this ordeal? Followers deserve the solutions to those questions and see him get a contented ending. Most likely Matt Rosenkrantz and GildensternA superb piece about how he inadvertently retains going.

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